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Fuck up your sleeping schedule with me so i know it’s real. 

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My hands cover you
and your skin feels nothing else.
We can take all night.

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… my whole sky craves
an island of tenderness.
My rivers tilt towards you.

- Marina Tsvetaeva, from “My ear attends to you,” in Selected Poems, translated by Elaine Feinstein (Penguin Classics, 1994)

"The Aesthetic of Intimacy"
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Karolinethe wind in the pillows, 2013
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🌿☕️🌿 (at Moonbeans Cafe)
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I occasionally draw on my friends coffee cups, this time it was sad eyes with flower tears. 💐 (at Moonbeans Cafe)
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Finally took out the art print I got at the artwalk that I fell in love with and had to own.
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