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I’ve seen depression in the roof of my bedroom, in the mirror, in the eyes of every stranger. I’ve seen it on my way out and in all the places I called home. I’ve closed my eyes so many times, but I forgot that it sleeps within me, so very deep in my mind.

- (via lieandsneak)
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Spending the night accompanied by Jung and endless cups of tea. I really know how to enjoy Saturday nights huh? 😉  (at Violet’s Psyche )
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i enjoy: deep conversations. undeniable substance. unrestrained passion. electrifying connections. good heart throbbing sex, and soul-ties.

- Overlyxclusive
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You are walking goddesses. Adorn yourselves. Take the time necessary to love your body. Feed the beauty that lives in you through the portal of ritual.

- Shonagh Home  
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close to you (by kaye blegvad)
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I wake up each
morning wanting
more of you.

First, it was your
lips, then it was
your hands, now

it is your heart.
Now, it is always
your heart.

- wanting, Emma Bleker



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