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Ok but I want to have sex

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This is why it hurts the way it hurts.

You have too many words in your head. There are too many ways to describe the way you feel. You will never have the luxury of a dull ache.

You must suffer through the intricacy of feeling too much.

- Iain S. Thomas, I Wrote This For You
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Respect <3


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You have given
me all of the love
that I have always
thought I never


Pisces: This week, when you most need it, you’ll be able to find a small place inside of you that’s as hard as a diamond and as bright as the sun. This week, when it really matters, you can find a corner of your heart that truly knows your own worth, that can protect your from all darkness. This is a week for believing in your own bright magic. This is a week for standing up against everything that would have you stay quiet and everything that would have you be small.

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Your heart is my safety net now.
This is my escape, and even if you
erase me from all of the creases
in your life, I will never really be gone.
I, like none of your other lovers,
am not temporary. I will always
be apart of your heart, even if you
think you have removed all of the
pieces of my memory from it.



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