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Spanish is a beautiful language. You don’t say “I love you” in Spanish, you say “yo quiero comer culo” which translates to “you are the light of my life” which I think is one of the most beautiful things to say to someone

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You might think all I do is read books and drink coffee all day..and you’re probably right. That is what I do with most of my time, also sleep. 💖📖☕️
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You’re the only person I’ve ever met who can stand a bookstore as long as I can.

- Junot Díaz
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Her heart sank into her shoes as she realized at last how much she wanted him. No matter what his past was, no matter what he had done. Which was not to say that she would ever let him know, but only that he moved her chemically more than anyone she had ever met, that all other men seemed pale beside him.

- F. Scott Fitzgerald, A New Leaf 

I adore everything about most nights, the hot tea in bed, reading until my eyes can’t stay open a second more. I’m only missing you.


The Knife are over - thank you Karin and Olaf for everything - please keep creating amazing music under new names
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