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se comprende que no hay ternura comparable a la de acariciar algo que duerme.



Sid: Um, Cass… I’m sorry you tried to kill yourself because of me.Cassie: Oh. That’s okay, Sid.  Sid: I realized something. I’ve been an idiot.Cassie: Yes. Sid: And I was hoping maybe you’d give me another chance. Cassie: Oh wow, Sid. Cool. You’re so lovely, wow! And if I wasn’t going out with Simon then that would be amazing. Sid: Simon? Simon: That’s me. Cassie: We’ve got so much in common. Simon: Depression, self loathing.Cassie: And he knows we can’t do the physical thing, ‘cause I don’t do that anymore. Simon: I’m still hoping you’ll change your mind.Cassie: I won’t. But you see, it’s all so exciting! He wants me.Simon: I do.Cassie: But he can never have me. Simon: I’m hopeful. Cassie: It’s just perfect, isn’t it?
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ella y sus ojos, sus canciones de cuna y su peluche que se llama beso.

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i know you probably dont give a rats ass but
when my mom asked the ouija board what to name me it said violet, and when i was born i had a birthmark on my face that looked like a V.... and my mom named me... charlotte

Actually, thanks for sharing that with me that’s so wacky I love it. Oh, wow I can’t believe your mom named you charlotte after those two very obvious signs..although don’t get me wrong charlotte is in fact a very lovely name. But, if she had named you violet, you & I would be name twins :/ My mom’s name is Flor which means flower, so she named me violet since it’s a flower. So you see, your story is way better than mine… haha :) 

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